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A Circular Walk from Great Chishill

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7.4km. Approx 1hr 40 min Start TL42323888

click for bigger version This is a good walk to do when the weather is or has recently been wet and you really do not want to go 'plodging' through mud! Having said that, the bit from Building End Lane to Hall Farm was very muddy when we did this in mid January, but if you are really concerned about getting your boots dirty you could return (carefully) along the main road. The majority of the walk is on roads, but they are all very quiet.

The walk starts from the little parking area and Millenium Stone in Heydon Road. Set off north easterly, passing the Pheasant on your right, then the old 'village lock-up' also on the right. After a short way you will also pass the small and insignificant village pond on your right, before leaving the village. There is a gap of a few hundred metres before you arrive in Heydon. Continue along the road, passing Wood Green Animal Centre and the William IV, and after a little while pass the church on your right. Notice that the tower of this lovely stone church is built of brick - the original having been destoyed by a bomb during WWII. Follow the road round to the right, passing a significant village pond on your left.

You now leave Heydon and walk down hill between high banks. The road is almost always running with water here, so keep well in if any cars do come along whilst on this stretch. It is not unusual to see a large herd of fallow deer in the fields around here.

At the bottom of the hill take the right turn into Abram's Lane and continue along the road until you arrive in Chrishall. Turn right at the crossroads, pass the Red Cow on your left, and walk through the village, noticing the huge variety of houses, from little thatched cottages, Victorian farmhouses, through to large modern detatched houses.

The road descends out of the village down to its junction with the main Royston to Saffron Walden road. Turn right and then in about 50 metres left into Building End Lane. (Notice on the signpost that it could also be Bilden End). Walk along this road for about 1/2 Km until you come to a Bridle Way on your right. Take this and walk up the hill towards the wood, which you then pass on your left. For a couple of weeks in the spring there are lovely bluebells here. Once past the wood carry on up the track towards Hall Farm. Turn right at the top of the rise and continue to the main road. You are then at virtually the highest point in Cambridgeshire (146m).

Turn left onto the main road and walk down into Great Chishill. Take the right turn into the Village Hall road then immediately left and walk across the playing field, aiming for the stile in the fence. Cross the stile (if you don't do stiles, go on up to the corner of the playing field where there is a kissing gate), and continue in the same direction across Bull meadow to the top of 'The Plaistow' and on down, back to where you started.