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A Circular Walk from Great Chishill

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A laminated version of this map and description is available to buy at a price of 2 (proceeds to the Great Chishill Bell Fund) from Rectory Cottage (next to the parking area).
8.9km. Approx 2hrs Start TL42323888

click for bigger version This is a pleasant walk of just under 9Km mainly on footpaths and field edges with a little bit on quiet roads and a crossing of agricultural land, so boots are recommended. There are a couple of stiles which can be avoided by making a small detour.
The walk described here assumes that you do the circuit in an anticlockwise direction, starting at the parking area in Great Chishill.

Take the footpath from the parking area up the lawned area known as the Plaistow then through a gateway onto Bull Meadow, heading for the playing field with sports pavilion and village hall straight ahead of you.
When you arrive at the edge of the playing field head diagonally across the playing field towards the road (A), then turn left and walk up the road until you reach Hall Farm (B&B).
As the road bends away to the left, take the farm track facing you (B) leaving the farm entrance on your right.
Follow this track passing another track on your left, then turn left on the bridle way (c) (this is not signed as such, but there is a sign saying that there is no right of way straight on). The bridle path takes you to the right hand side of the wood facing you.
Continue down the right hand edge of the wood, on past fields on both sides until you reach the small road at the bottom - you are now at Building End. (D)
Turn right and follow the road round a left hand bend, then where the road fork,s take the left hand fork, up a small hill, past some cottages to a gate and stile.
Cross the stile (or go through the gate) and follow the track down through trees until you reach a ditch with a wooden bridge over it. (E)
Cross the bridge then turn right and follow the field edge heading for a distant wood.
When you reach the edge of the wood, turn right across the small bridge and continue upwards keeping the strip of woodland to your left, until you reach a footpath waymark (F). Turn left here and follow the path through a wood for a short while, then, when the path emerges onto a field edge, turn left and follow the field edge with woods to your left (this is not marked as a public footpath at this point, neither is it marked on the map as a public path, but it is marked as a public path if you were to do this walk the other way round!).
After a short while you come to a footpath to your left (G) - take this path and continue with a strip of woodland to your left and a large wood to your right on the other side of a field.
After a while, the Icknield way path comes in from the right and you continue forward to Chiswick Hall (H). Turn left at the fence and follow the fence turning right between the Hall outbuildings and a horse exercise area.
Continue down the Hall's access road, with a fine view of Chrishall church ahead of you.
When you arrive at the road (Royston to Saffron Walden) turn left then immediately right, (I) over the stream (often dry) and continue up the hedge line to Chrishall church.
At the churchyard, enter by the small gate and bear left through the graveyard, round the church tower heading for the stile in the corner (J) (if you have a problem with stiles, go down the church road to the road at the bottom and turn right).
Cross the stile and go down the hill to another stile, cross this and in a short while you will arrive at a road. (non stile crossers now pick up the walk here).
Cross the road and pass up the path fenced on both sides (K) with horses usually in the paddocks on either side.
Through a gap in the hedge at the top then follow the field edge until you come to a small road and some houses (L). Cross the road and continue along the marked footpath, following around the field edge until you reach a small lane, with cottages on the right and allotments on the left.
Take this lane which emerges in Chrishall village (M) with the Red Cow on the right.
Cross the road, with the old school house on the right, continue onto the playing field (N).
Go straight across the playing field to the gap in the hedge, then turn right along the field edge until you reach the road at Broad Green (O).
Turn right onto the road then shortly turn left beside an old thatched cottage (P) and follow the footpath alongside the garden of a large house, then into a field.
Follow the footpath signs now across fields until you arrive in Heydon (Q).
Turn left on the road and continue past the King William IV and Wood Green Animal Shelter, out of Heydon and into Great Chishill.
Continue along the road, passing the Pheasant on your left to arrive back at the parking area.