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South Cambridgeshire, England
A Circular Walk from Great Chishill

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13.3km. Approx 3.5hrs Start TL42323888

click for bigger version Start from the parking area in the centre of Great Chishill, by the bus stop and telephone box.
Walk to the crossroads with the church on your right.
Cross the road and walk down May Street passing a group of barn conversions on your left, then take the byway on the left (A), known locally as 'Chalky Walk'. Follow this byway (sometimes very muddy) until you arrive in Little Chishill.(B)
Turn left onto this very quiet road (very old church on right) and proceed along it for about 2Km. You may hear guns to your right from the firing range at Nuthamsted. As you walk alongthis road look out for herds of wild fallow deer.
When you reach a right angle right hand bend with some houses on the left, (this is Killem's Green but there is no sign),(C) take the footpath straight ahead. This path now follows an almost straight line until you reach Langley Upper Green, where you emerge into the village in a gap between some large houses.(D) The village green and cricket pitch is to your right. Walk on until you get to the road, then turn left and walk along this road, 2.2km, until you reach the village of Duddenhoe End.
Immediately after you have passed a right turn and the 'Duddenhoe End' sign, take the footpath to the left,(E) crossing a small field to a gap in the fence, then across this small field to a stile. Over the stile and aross the next field where you then take the path towards the wood. At the wood, (F)(wonderful bluebells in spring), turn left and follow the wood edge round and down, then follow the path up to Chiswick Hall Farm. When you get to the hedge around the farm,(G) turn right and follow the bridle path until to you reach the track up to the farm.(H) Turn right onto the track and descend to the main road (B1039 Saffron Walden to Royston) at the bottom.(I)
Cross the road, turn left then immediately right taking the footbridge over the stream, then the footpath straight up the hill towards Chrishall church. Enter the churchyard via the small wooden gate,(J) then walk through the graveyard bearing to the left and pass around the church tower and over the stile out of the churchyard.
Go down the hill to the road (K). The footpath is straight across the road, but can be very muddy or even under water, in which case, turn right up the road and take the next turn on the left for 100m or so then take the footpath on the right. If you don't have to do this little diversion, go up the footpath between two fences, then bear right and cross the road and take the footpath in front of you. (L) Follow the path round the field edges until you join a small lane with allottments on your left. Continue along the lane until you meet the main road through the village - and the Red Cow pub on your right.(M)
Go straight across the road following the footpath sign and then when you get to the playing field go straight across it to the gap in the further hedge. Go through the gap and turn right following the field edge until you reach a small road. (N) Turn left onto this road and when it finishes turn right and cross the field to a gap in the hedge a new bridge across a ditch. (O) You now need to cross the field in front of you, and at some times of the year it is not clear where the path is, but if you look across the field and slightly to the right you should be able to see another new bridge on the other side.(P) Head for this bridge, then at the next field, again sometimes difficult to see the path, aim for the large tree on the other side, (Q) roughly following the same line that you have just taken. When you reach the tree, go right along the field edge for 20 or so metres until you come to a gap in the hedge. Go through the gap (it is marked as a footpath) and follow the green lane until you emerge on the road in Heydon. (R) Turn left onto this road and return to Great Chishill.