Bob Hatt came across this 'small booklet' which is packed with information about Windmills in general, and a large amount of history of our windmill and its people. Each page has been scanned and is presented here as a picture - it is NOT intended that you try to read the text on this page. Each of the sections below with a border is a small image of a bigger image. Click on any part of the image to see a more readable version.

Old Windmills of Chishill

by Phillip Unwin, a 'small booklet' written in 1976

Booklet Sections

Chishill Mill at Work 1936

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Detail from a Flemish Brass: King's Lynn (Dated 1349)

Two C16th windmills in stained glass, King's College Chapel

Detail from map by John Seller 1676
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Extension agreement 1729

The Andrew's Farm, 1890

Detail froma plan of land in Great Chishill, 1769

Job Andrews (1826-1905) - left, Alfred Warren Andrews (1847-1926) at the time of his marriage - right

Chishill Mill in its prime, 1892
A W Andrews and his wife are amongst those in the foreground
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Chishill windmill during the Great War 1916

Joseph Pegram (1859-1935) with his wife at their Golden Wedding Anniversary

Chishill Mill before restoration in 1965

Restoration in progress 1966

Restoration in progress 1966
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After Restoration

The Windmill seen from the Barley-Great Chishill Road in 1976

The Open Trestle substructure

The sails at their junction showing the spider

The fantail (Note the chain-wheel and endless chain for the Patent sails)

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Fantail carriage and steps

The Meal or Spout Floor

Head-stones, windshaft, brake-wheel and stone-nut

Tail-stones and Tail-wheel

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