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Wine Circle

The Great Chishill wine circle has been running for about 40 years. It was originally set up by the Rev. Croft who liked a tipple now and then.
Meetings were held in the Rectory in Heydon on a regular basis. At that time there was a considerable amount of home brewing in Gt. Chishill.
When we arrived in the Village we were invited to George Stirling’s house in Barley Road for an introductory drink and to meet some villagers and neighbours. I consumed 2 pints of George's brewed beer and had to be taken home.
In these early days Veronica (who ran the Village Shop) organised times etc: When she left, I took over as Secretary.
Originally home made beer and wine was provided but over the years this has changed to a social event where most people bring a bottle of commercial wine. We try to invite anyone new to the village so that they can meet people. Once you have attended any meeting you become a lifetime member. No one is excluded and if you would like to come please contact me and you will be invited to the next meeting.

The wine circle and its members have been the initiators of various projects in the Village such as the new Village hall, the Sloe gin competition, The Village Show (now sadly gone). There have been some memorable 'one-offs' such as the Haggis hurling competition, which came to an abrupt end as a small dog ran off with the Haggis!
We have run events for fund raising for the Village Hall - one particular dance consisted of home made Barley wine and a fish & chip supper..............the Barley wine proved to be very strong and 3 cars were written off that night and one guy did not regain consciousness for two days! I hasten to add that this was some 30 years ago and things were different then.

Wine Circle meets about once a month in a volunteer’s house. The host provides a supper of bread and cheese (and in some cases much more), members bring a bottle or two of wine and the wrongs of the world are put right.